wonder laces

Wonder Laces stay tied and promote foot health.­

Feet can expand up to a full size each day causing binding and

pressure that can be detrimental to foot heath, but Wonder Laces are formulated to adapt to the fluctuation of your feet, thereby reducing cramping and soreness. Particularly beneficial as a running shoelace or walking shoelace, they are the only shoelace designed to reduce foot fatigue, calluses, and blisters.

The Only Dr. Recommended Shoelace
"I strongly recommend Wonder Laces for not only competitive athletes but for all of our patients. The expandability of these unique laces dramatically enhances comfort without compromising shoe stability."
Warren G. Kramer III, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon, Newport Beach, CA


tying sneaker

If I had seen the as-seen-on-TV infomercial for Wonder Laces, I would have been very skeptical. Shoelaces that never come untied? Made of elastic so they expand and contract with your activity? Make your athletic shoes slip-ons? I was doubtful.

But after wearing them with my fitness walking shoes for five- to seven-mile walks (and with my comfort shoes for all day at work) I'm a believer...





...I did a half marathon a little while ago and lost a minute of precious time or so due to undone shoe laces. I still got a PR, but it could have been faster without having to stop and start for those laces.

I tried these laces and they are really good. I've been using Wonder Laces for the last month or so and they haven't come undone yet! When I finish running I don't untie the knot, I just slip out of my running shoes, then slip them back on for my next run...




Wonder Laces are extraordinary shoelaces that stay tied. These laces offer exceptional knot strength and extreme shoelace comfort. They offer six times the knot strength of typical shoelaces. These shoelaces will help prevent your activities from being interrupted by untied shoes while also relieving shoelace pressure. You can eliminate the need to ever untie your shoes with these laces. You simply tie them once and never tie them again...





Tying Wonder Lace Shoelaces

  1. Thread Wonder Laces loosely and put on shoes.
  2. Adjust the tension to your desired comfort level. There should not be any slack in the laces, but be careful not to overtighten. Enough flex should remain in the laces for them to expand as feet swell during activities.
  3. When your Wonder Laces have been adjusted to your preferred tension, cinch the bow firmly to engage the Lace Locking Technology. Once the knot is pulled tight, it will remain tied and your shoes can be slipped on and off without retying.


  • DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN -- Laces should be relaxed prior to activities.
  • CINCH BOW TIGHTLY to ensure knot security.

SMALL 37" --- 5 to 6 eyelets

Women's and Kids' Shoes (sizes 1-4)


MEDIUM 43" --- 6 to 7 eyelets

Men's Shoes, Women's Cleats, Kids' High Tops




LARGE 51" --- 7 to 8 eyelets

High Tops, Work Boots, Men's Cleats, Skate Shoes



$9.95 per pair (plus $5 shipping and handling)